our mission & vision

Jesus is central to everything we do.  We sing, we pray, and preach in His powerful Name.  Our past, present, and future is centered on Jesus Christ.   Our Mission as Disciples is to make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.   This can be achieved through our Vision as the Body of Christ, Asbury United Methodist Church reaches out to all people through the power and presence and love of God


Over 120 Years of Service

A hundred years ago on the Trinity College baseball fields, the sound of cracking bats would stop each Sunday morning, while choruses of old hymns rose from the bleachers... Folks might not have known it then, but those informal gatherings -- at the edge of the bustling mill village called West Durham -- were the beginnings of a church... The congregation, which began as West Durham Methodist Church, is proud of its long-standing ties to Duke and the west side of town... Rooted in a tight mill community where people lived, worked and played together, Asbury Methodist now finds itself in a spread-out city where textiles are little more than a historical footnote... Washington Duke donated the land for the first sanctuary at the corner of Main and Ninth and erected a chapel for the congregation. In those days, trains regularly ran on the tracks just across Main Street from the church... "In the summertime when we'd have the windows opened, the train would come blowing along for the station downtown," said Gladys Evans, who joined the church in 1916, when her father came to Durham to work at Erwin Mills. "The preacher would just have to stop because he couldn't be heard. We came to expect that. It was just part of our service."